Inspiring stories of success and adventure & how to tap into your
full potential with purpose and joy

Take more risks.

Sit around more campfires.

Whether speaking to youth or adults, Brooke's true passion is inspiring and teaching others that sitting on the sidelines will not lead to a fulfilled life. Sometimes it takes risk to really experience the life we were born to live. If you're not scared just a little bit, you could probably stand a little living! Through the lens of storytelling, Brooke's adventures come to life in her lively talks about how she became an adventurer, the risks she took along the way, and the joy that comes from doing what you were meant to do. Her playful insight and action steps outlines a sure-fire plan for success that anyone can follow at any age! 

“Brooke had a sold out audience on the edge of their seats with her visceral stories about wilderness survival and following your dreams.  She’s an incredibly engaging speaker whose stories empower you to do what you love.”  -Brian Gibbs, Program Manager, Treehaven.


"This was the best presentation for our students in the five years I have been Principal at Morley Stanwood."


-James Nelson, Principal, Morley Stanwood High School

"Brooke's presentation was very enjoyable and kept the students engaged for about an hour. It was both entertaining and educational. The lesson fit perfectly with the Next-Gen Science Standards we are currently teaching. We hope to have Brooke present with us again!"

-Julie Garner, Teacher, G.T. Norman Elementary School

Reed City, MI

"Our students generally are exposed to typical job areas- law, medical, education and construction. It's hard to see how to connect their future careers to their passions. This presentation challenged them to seek what makes them happy. Life is an adventure that is best lived off the beaten path."


-Sheena Sanders, Teacher, Central Montcalm High School

"Brooke was such a pleasure to have speak from her heart and personal experience. Her message of follow your dreams and not be afraid of taking a risk really hit home for our students."


-Michele Young, Teacher, Morley Stanwood High School

“Brooke presents outdoor survival skills to youth using a  hands-on approach for local 4th graders during annual Project Rural Education Days. Highly recommended!”


-Jacob Stieg Osceola County 4-H Program Coordinator

"Thank you for spending the day with our eighth grade classes. Your presentation was very well coordinated and our students absolutely loved it!" 


-James Perkins, 8th Grade Social Studies & Science Teacher, Lakeview High School

Outdoor Education

Brooke has taught thousands of youth and adults the key skills needed for outdoor survival. Her real-world experience and expertise as an adventurer and outdoor educator in wilderness settings are central to her no-nonsense teaching philosophy. With humor and hands-on learning, her classes offer a relaxed atmosphere where students can discover skills needed for successful fire-starting, survival shelters, route-finding, how to find safe drinking water, how to travel safe in bear country, camping, hiking and other general outdoor activities. Brooke can teach in the field or in a classroom!
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Click this video to watch me teach outdoor survival to youth!