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Brooke Whipple

filmmaker, builder, adventurer, joy miner


Are you Happy?

I don't mean just "on the surface happy". I mean, are you living with
joy? Are you fulfilled?

Maybe you need a little more outside in your life.

Yeah, outside. Like a verb

Let me be your inspiration and guide.


Your personal trainer, Your alcohol, your food, your screens, your excuses.
They got Nothin.
NO Power.

Nothin that the outdoors can't fix.

she's outside

IMG_3001 2.HEIC

Brooke has chased down wilderness adventures from Alaska to Mongolia and wants to inspire YOU to "get outside & get happy!"

In her experience, the outdoors can be a place of excitement, challenge, healing, and rejuvenation. 

From her first job in Yellowstone National Park, to Vail, Colorado as a ski lift operator, to Montana as a wildland firefighter, and eventually to Alaska floating down the Yukon river on a log raft, Brooke has immersed herself in the outdoors with a camera in her hand. And now as a builder, she hopes to inspire a whole new (or old!) generation it's not too late to do something bold.


Her enthusiasm for experiencing wild places and eating great food on a campfire is second only to sharing it with others in hopes they too can venture out to challenge themselves.

She has appeared on three TV shows: Yukon River Run on the National Geographic Channel, and ALONE season 4 & ALONE season 5 on the History Channel.

Her popular YouTube channel "Girl in the Woods" has over half a million subscribers. 

Get Outside & Get Happy!

"I'm a sucker for wild, beautiful landscapes and the flicker of a fire. The outdoors is a powerful force in my life- it heals me, challenges me, calms me, scares me. But most of all I want to share the inspiration of it all. Whether I'm on the top of a mountain watching the sun set, or building a cabin in the wilderness, being outdoors feeds me, and it can do the same for you too."



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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
-Helen Keller




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