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Work Stories

My Family

Married to David Whipple since 1998. We have 2 children: Belle and Mick.

My Work Philosophy

I've always been a "gig" type worker, seeking cool experiences and adventures above long term job security and money. When times were lean I always went back to serving in restaurants- something I've always been good at. I love to cook- especially outside. I was a stay-at-home mom for many years. I'm not afraid of hard or humble work and consider working a noble profession.



Ferris State University  | ​ B.S. Outdoor/Adventure Recreation Mgmt.  |  1997

TV Shows

Yukon River Run  |  National Geographic Channel  |  2015  |  Docu-series​

ALONE Season 4  |  History Channel   |  2017  |  Survival Show​

ALONE Season 5   |  History Channel   |  2018  |   Survival Show

The thing that started it all:

Then what:

The pivotal moment:

Outdoor Ed. & Rec. jobs:

Most remote job: 

Favorite adventure job:

ROAD TRIP! Yellowstone National Park- got a summer job with my best friend working at Old Faithful. Shared a tiny cabin and had to look both ways before stepping out the door- BUFFALO! Hiked almost 100 miles that summer. 1991.

THEN I went to Vail, Colorado to work as a lift operator. Chair 4!

THEN I went to Montana to work as a wildland firefighter. First ride in a private jet!

I bought a one-way ticket to Alaska with no job, no place to live, no plan- only my backpack and $200. I bought a bike, lived in my tent all summer and worked at a Bed & Breakfast and a sporting goods shop in Homer, AK. It all worked out!

Then I finished my college degree. (See above.)

Outdoor Skills Center, Sheboygan, WI: Outdoor Educator/Guide, 1998. National Forest Service, Sitka, Alaska: Recreation Assistant, Camp host, 1997, 99. Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska- Rec. Manager/Guide, 2000-02. US Army, Ft. Greely, Alaska- Recreation Manager/Guide, 2010-12. 



Winter Homestead Caretaker, Bering Sea/North Pacific, Aleutian Islands near False Pass, AK: 1999-2000. Boated alongside Orcas, made homemade salmonberry wine, caught a 80# halibut, paid $17 for peanut butter.

Guide- Alaska Lograft Adventures on the Yukon River, Alaska: 2000. Floated several hundred miles on a giant lograft in complete wilderness. Assisted with cooking, guiding, fishing, & navigation. My happy place. 

Most Quirky accomplishments

Homesteader  |  Lived without running water in Alaska  |  1999-2010

Judge   |   Erma Bombeck National Writing Competition  |   2010

Winner   |   Alaska State Blueberry Pie Championship   |   2010

Singer/Songwriter  |   Opening Act for Nanci Griffith  |   2012

Grower/Owner  |  U-Pick Flower Field  |  2013- present

Home Bakery |  Baked and sold 100's of pies, bread, & cookies  |  2014-16

Survival Expert  |  Imagine Exhibitions Museum Installation  |  2019

Filmmaking moments

In 2010, my self-produced/shot documentary about Alaska's most famous mountain race, Mt. Marathon, aired on AlaskaOne TV, and also won a $5,000 grant from the Rasmuson Foundation, an arts foundation in Alaska.

In 2016 I was a participant on ALONE Season 4 on the History Channel where I was dropped on a remote island just north of Vancouver Island in B.C. Canada. I survived alone with my husband for 49 days. All filming was self shot. No film crew.

In 2016 I launched a successful YouTube career with over 500K subscribers to date.

In 2017 I was a participant on ALONE Season 5 on the History Channel where I was dropped in the remote northern reaches of Mongolia. I survived alone for 28 days. All filming was self shot. No film crew. 

In 2021 I was chosen by YouTube for their campaign "The US of YouTube" representing Alaska in the YouTube creator economy.

Stuff I wrote

  • Column writer for the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Fairbanks, AK, View from the Cabin (Humor): 2006- 2012.

  • Column writer for the Delta Wind, Delta Junction, AK, Local Happenings: 2010-2012.

Stuff I teach

  • 5-day Women's Outdoor Workshop, Alaska, 2018

Cabin Builds

My husband and I have built 5 log cabins/homes in Alaska.

Watch me build my first solo cabin.

Watch me convert my truck into a camper.

Watch me build a Gypsy Wagon.

Watch me build a micro camper.

  • Certified Wilderness First Responder, Wilderness Medical Associates, EXP 2025

  • Certified Breath Coach, Yogabody Teachers College, 2023

  • Certified Stretching Coach, Yogabody Teachers College, 2023

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